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Broken down into twenty-five essential life lessons that focus on relationships, careers, health, and life in general, Finding Your Way to Happy is filled with actionable advice on how to find happiness and meaning in today’s world, and provides the knowledge you need to make smarter life choices. Most importantly, Finding Your Way to Happy will help you answer the question: “Am I living my life the right way?” while there is still time to do something about it.

Improving your life doesn’t have to be complicated. Book of Revs provides 100 simple, easy-to-implement reminders that will help enrich your relationships, decision making, and life in general. Ideal for anyone looking to better their day-to-day existence, Book of Revs couples valuable wisdom with practical suggestions, and serves as an important resource for self-improvement at any stage of life.

You are going to die one day - will you be ready? Memento Mori is a brief but powerful book that encourages you to examine this essential question, and serves as a vital reminder that life is only temporary, can change in any given moment, and should be lived with as much urgency as possible.

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